In research, Luova has capability  to carry out interdisciplinary studies focusing on e.g.:

  • Animal welfare
  • Animal health
  • Animal feeding
  • Animal breeding
  • Technological development
  • Medical tests

We have experts on animal welfare, health and feeding and we cooperate with laboratories and universities as well as other specialists in areas that requires specific knowledge and qualifications. We have capacity for 2500 minks and 1100 foxes/finnraccoons which allows us to raise the number of animals per test group enough to reach the scientific reliability for reasonable costs. Fox belongs to the same family with dog (canidae) and for that reason food diets and ingredients designed for dogs can be tested with blue foxes (Vulpes lagopus). Our personnel is used to work and train dogs as well e.g. for odor detecting purposes. We are experienced also conducting studies concerning the efficacy and safety of animal medicine. One of our aim is to keep ourselves on the top with technological development and that’s why we have continuously new innovations for testing purposes. In addition to that, we widely offer educational services for our clients.

Luova is dynamic team which offers you a wide range of opportunities in area of animal research.  We label ourselves innovative and highly efficient company offering you reliable results from scientific point of view. We look forward to demonstrating these qualities at chance.