What does Luova do?

When I travel around Ostrobothnia, people sometimes ask me “what does Luova actually do?”. Some projects are easy to understand, whilst some others are a bit more complicated. It is important that we let people know how our projects can benefit the fur animal industry. It is also necessary for us to provide information and the end-result of the projects, when we are done with them. We are going to make this more effective by the use of our new websites, which were released in May 2017.

A new and important part of Luova Oy is WelFur. Luova is a sub-contractor of Baltic Control, which handles WelFur-audits in all of Europe. Luova has recruited 10 assessors this Spring. These assessors will be working with WelFur-audits and the Finnish certification. I was gladly surprised about how many applicants we had. There is an obvious interest in the fur animal industry and researching in it. We were able to put together a strong team, in which all of the people has some sort of past experience with fur animals, the industry or research in it. This is good for all parties involved. Just as difficult as it is trying to google oneself on how to become a doctor (even though some try), it is to understand an animal’s well-being if you have never been in contact with one before. I look forward to getting to know the new team, and I hope you do too. I wish you all a pleasant summer.


Jan Segervall