International schooling of WelFur-assessors

In the end of April, Fur Europe, alongside with Luova, organized a two-week long WelFur-schooling in Kannus. The first week, with the focus set on fox, only Luovas assessors participated. The second week was more international, as future assessors joined from Poland, Denmark, Norway and Greece. The schoolers were personnel from the natural resources institute of Finland (known as LUKE), and Denmark.

Both the first week and the second week ended with tests about fox and mink, luckily all of Luovas assessors passed. Luova Oy has managed to put together a strong WelFur-team. 50% of the assessors speak Swedish, and will work in the Swedish speaking parts of Ostrobothnia. The other half are Finnish speaking, and will work in the Finnish speaking parts of Ostrobothnia, as well as in other parts of Finland.

“We passed both tests, but the mink-week was a little bit more challenging, as both the course and the material was in English”, says Riitta Komulainen and Lea Känsäkangas, who both are assessors. They are both pleased with the schooling, and think there’s a good fellowship amongst the assessors, which will aid in the continued work on the field.