Kannus research facility Luova Oy Inc. started its business in 2009.

Luova Oy focuses on research, product development and practical schooling services. Starting from the Spring of 2017, Luova also acts as a subcontractor to Baltic Control which carries out WelFur-audits in Finland.

Fur animals are being bred on the research facility. These animals are for research purposes and for the free market of fur animals. The animals being bred at the farm are fox and mink.

Luova carries out research programs independently and are a part of many research and development projects. Things being researched are e.g. measuring the fusibility of feed and raw materials, the water consumption of animals during wintertime and keeping track on the well-being and health of animals. There is also focus on developing producing processes that already exist, and how to make them more effective. Luova are also open to custom research projects.

The team on Luova consists of competent researchers, farmers with much experience and WelFur-assessors.

Luova Oy:s shareholders consist of ProFur, Luke, KP EDU and The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK). Luova is more than happy to greet guests who are interested in research and the health of fur animals. Please contact us and make an appointment!