The animals in Finland that are produced for their fur are fox, mink, and finn raccoon. Finland is one of the biggest producing countries when it comes to fox. The breeding and refinement of blue- and silver fox has been going on for over 100 years. By crossing the breeds, it is also possible to get many different color variations and fox types. Mink breeding began in North America during the 1880’s and made its way to Europe during the 1920’s. The finn raccoon could be called the newcomer, as it has been produced in Finland since the 1970’s.

At Luova there’s a test farm with breeding animals: 600 mink females and 330 fox females. At the farm there’s three employed farmers, who take care of the animals’ daily needs and keep their well-being as good as possible.

Most fur animal farms in Finland are found in Ostrobothnia today, but there are also a couple of farms in the South and the East of Finland. You can read more about the Finnish fur animal industry on